Sunday, June 8, 2008

Step Outside....And Be.

Today, my jardinero came for his monthly visit to cut my arid grassland. Not sure what he finds to cut since I haven't planted any non-native grass and most of the vegetation is "desert loving" kind. But. He comes. And does his tasks. He doesn't miss his schedule. With the price of gas going up, with work hard to come by, and with an a new addition to his family, he has to double his work.
Rigo. That's his name. Does his work with all his energy, thoroughness, and with the hand of a master craftsman. So, today was no exception. He came. I lend him my machine. Talked about his family and the economy. He did his work. Asked for a knife to cut some nopales and a cup of water. Once done, he said goodbye and another cycle passes by.
He piqued my curiosity with his cutting of the nopal. Outside, behind my house, I have a full blown grown nopal. I have not noticed my dwelling from the outside as much as I should. Had the nopalli grown that much? Today. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to step outside this cocoon that atomizes. Experience this world this moment outside.
I stepped outside and made a plan just to walk. Walk around the home. Walk in the grassland. Walk in the dirt. Check the neighborhood. But. More importantly, contemplate my nopal. It did not disappoint. It welcomed me with its many flowery fingers and green presence in a brown ground. I was awakened again to what I miss when I do not stop and get out of my routine. If all I could do was stand in its presence and take a picture of the moment, then I would be satisfied. And I was.

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glued blue glass said...

I get to see nopales through you. Thanks. I have a little one in a pot here but it grows slowly. I miss the nopales outside of my house and on my walks in Santa Ana. Glad your routine changed for a little bit. Seeing the beauty that surrounds us makes life worth living, in my opinion.