Monday, June 2, 2008

BBC Documentary on Sartre

This is one of a three part series from the BBC on key existentialist philosophers.

More thoughts on this. But. For now. Sartre.


glued blue glass said...

E. and I just watched it. Hadn't spent that much time thinking about Sartre since school. Have you heard of Landmark? It's this workshop/life improvement series that I kept on thinking about when I watched this video. The idea that we create our world, mostly. Plus, I liked the fact that Sartre and a pop culture money making life improvement course had something in common. I think Sartre would have appreciated the similarities too :)
I also appreciated what he said about the Palestinians, that they are being subjected to a violent police state so they have no choice but to react with terrorism and violence. I firmly believe that non-violence is a privilege. One that I will always favor, but who knows what I would do if I actually lived in severely oppressive conditions.
Hmm... Will I get on a "list" for this post?

glued blue glass said...

P.S. I have to say that i have been enjoying this internet connection that we have recently established. If I hadn't been such a freakin' recluse when I lived in South Texas, I could have seen us hanging out more. We have a similar sense of things. Next time I make it to the Valley, we will have to get together. I do plan to visit at some point. I love it there.