Monday, July 28, 2008


It's minor and the grand events of everyday life that gives us a glimpse to this bizarre social-economic system we live in.

Before Hurricane Dolly came by, I had the not so pleasant experience of going to a local chain pizza eatery that offers buffet from 12pm to 2pm. Ah. The delights of mass produced pizza. Not being one to be good on time at any event, I arrived with a hungry belly at 2:10pm. When I arrived at the counter, I paid the cashier for a regular meal and noticed right behind her the buffet table. The table had seven pizzas being kept alive under cooking lights. I kept staring at them. What would they do with the overproduction? Give it to a lucky customer? Save it and give it to the cooks? Ride as fast as they could and go to the local shelter? Ah. No. That would encourage folks to eating free pizza. Can't have that!! The manager approached the pizzas quietly with a trashcan. Slowly. Picked one. By. One. And throw them away. Throw away seven complete uneaten untouched good pizzas. I kept my eyes locked at the manager who seemed perturbed at being caught throwing away good food. He stopped at pizza number 3. I sat and he returned to throw away the rest.

What to do? At minimum, at our own personal level, think about what you throw away in your garbage can. Even if you do not agree with Freegans/Freeganism or dumpster diving, these two videos should give you food for thought (no pun intended):

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